Roofing your home; Slate roofing by certified professionals is your best bet

Slate roofing

We are each of us grateful to have a roof over our head. Yet it is not until that roof suffers damage that we truly consider its significance. Then it becomes a scramble to find some way to either repair the damage done or replace the roof entirely, depending on the magnitude of the catastrophe that has struck.

Roofing is essential to every form of construction that involves human habitation. Thus it is only natural that when there is a call for any form of roofing it is always best left to professionals. Installation and repair of a roof can be a precarious proposition and should not be attempted by amateurs.

Professional roofers these days provide a plethora of options that can quite often overwhelm their customers. From liquid roofing solutions that serve to cool a flat roof to green roofs that simulate a garden. Roofs can even be installed using the latest materials such as several new composites that mimic traditional roofing material but have many advantages over them.  Another very popular roofing “accessory” these professionals offer is solar panels that will help you save quite a few pounds on your electricity bills.

However, the best roofing solution; that every roofer worth considering would vouch for, is still slate roofing. Slate has been used in its tile form to provide roofs since the 12th century. It is what is ubiquitous to the tapered roofs of homes across the United Kingdom. Slate tiles have numerous advantages over the many advances made in the roofing industry.

Slate tiles have a long life and homes with slate roofing can easily be expected to last for well over 80 years without any need for repair or replacement. Slate is naturally fireproof and water resistant. It also looks extremely elegant and lends a touch of class to even the most ordinary home when used to tile the roof.

However, a slate roof that is improperly installed can become a veritable Pandora’s Box of strife. Improperly installed roofing can collapse or even cause severe structural damage to a home. This is why it is always recommended that you employ only the finest roofers to install your slate roof.

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